Human Resources

Employing well educated and experienced staff, raising productivity, letting developments, creating a work place where cooperation and solidatiry exist are the ways that we choose.

The main objective of Wes Hotel is to reach the goals within the frames of company’s vision and developing and applying human resources strategies in order to reach these goals.

Recruitment Process

The main objective of our recriutment process is to incorporate candidates who will comply with the company culture and shared values, has the qualifications that the departmant he/she is appliyng requires, has high motivation, open to development and change and who can move Wes Hotel forward.

The candidates, whose applications have been evaluated positively are called for interview by the managers of HR departmand as well the department he/she applied for. The candidates whose interviews have been evaluated positively are offered the job and the recruitment process starts. All the candidates are given feedback regarding their applications.

Performance Management

Our aim is to make the corporate performance perpetuate by evaluting the contribution of all our employees to the aims of the company. As the result of the performance evaluation, our employees are ensured to take the required necessary for their development plans.

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